Bikram's Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow or guided Meditation:

I teach from the heart, with the deepest loving kindness, strong dedication and passion, just like I was taught by my teachers along my yoga journey. 


Throughout the past 15 years that I have been practicing I became more and more sensitive towards myself, to my feelings, connected to the person that I am. Authentic, vulnerable, strong. I found out that the yang sided me has its very fundamental impact in my life. Though it needs to be well-balanced out - mentally and physically. The practice of yoga has been given me a wonderful set of tools to balance the duality between the two that go hand in hand. The result of this is what I teach:  Finding the right momentum in between, where the honey is, where we find our truth and where it is just right. 

My classes are vibrant, with ever changing and fun sequencing that address my beginners students as much as my more advanced students. I strongly believe in the physical aspect of modern yoga practice, meanwhile knowing of the importance of its ancient roots. 


My foundational yoga education has started with the Bikram's Original Teacher Training in 2014, followed by a Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in 2016 by Yogaworks in California where I was a student of Vytas Baskauskas. This year, 2020, I will continue my education with Sarah Powers. 

©2020 by Kathi Leimner

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