I'm Kat. 

I follow a strong people passion...

...with this in mind I create beautifully designed products that actually solve real problems for real people.


I believe change is born through curiosity.

Being born and raised in the former GDR paved the way for my curiosity about people living together and forming states and countries, systems. The need of me wanting to understand this lead me to study political science, sociology and cultural anthropology. I was fascinated by decision making processes on a non-governmental level which lead me to work at an NGO in Cape Town South Africa, an experience that was of significant value. Working and living in Cape Town was mind-blowing because I experienced a country in its very young democratic years. But also being surrounded by so much poverty lead me to start my research on informal political participation in marginalized areas in South Africa, a Master Thesis that was published as well.

I had enjoyed and learnt so much at this NGO that right after I was done studying I went to Amsterdam to work at the cultural department of the Goethe Institute, followed by intense research on how I wanted to live my own life, in Australia.

After returning to Berlin I focussed on building my career in content management and content editing. I was responsible for front page editing and building content strategies for e-commerce companies, working hand in hand with Marketing, POs and PMs. It was the core of the agile working environment that made me touch upon other teams. I realized very soon that my joy of visual communication was much stronger than "only" by words. I went to pursue a graphic design program while continuously working.


                    Yea but why?


Right away I started to freelance for graphic design projects, loving what I was doing but also questioning a lot of my design decisions. In the end I am still a scientist who would like to backup important decisions by understanding the rules. I was missing answers to the why. There was a big lack between a design decision and telling my clients why I did what I did. I started researching different approaches that would support me on this and I found UX Design. UX Design in it is essence provides you with an amazing tool box in order to be able to validate design decisions and creating space for ideas and ideations. I am forever grateful to have found this approach that provides a more holistic perspective on design.