I'm Kat. 

I follow a strong people passion...

...with this in mind I create beautifully designed products that actually solve real problems for real people.


I believe change is born through curiosity. I studied political science and sociology to find out how humans work and how this shapes society. Following this urge to learn more about cultures in different countries I spent time in South Africa to work for an NGO, where I learnt how decisions are being made on a non-government level. After graduating from Goethe University in Frankfurt/M  I followed my interest on what holds cultures together by working at Goethe Institute Amsterdam. 


Meanwhile I developed a strong sense for physical wellbeing and mental health because I noticed that I have control over the way I experience myself and the world through yoga, meditation and exercise. This lead me to built my own health-strategy by becoming a yoga teacher while building a career as a content manager and strategist in Berlin. Content Management didn’t fulfill me though working in agile environments with designers did so I pursued a digital graphic design program. Now as a UX / UI Designer I am connecting the dots of a strong understanding of human beings through empathy and transferring this knowledge into building meaningful products.

Let's Work Together :)

katleimner@gmail.com  | +49 176 30 74 34 89

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