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My name is Kat Leimner

I am building products to help people solve their problems... 

I believe change is born through curiosity.

My journey has led me through diverse working environments, primarily in startups and agencies, where I've honed my skills in product design from inception to iteration.

In the dynamic world of startups, I thrive on the challenge of creating user-centric designs that bring purposeful products to life. My expertise lies not only in building from scratch but also in navigating design iterations to refine and enhance user experiences.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to accessibility in design. I believe in crafting interfaces that are not only visually engaging but also inclusive, ensuring that every user, regardless of ability, can seamlessly interact with the product. By blending creativity with a user-first mindset, I strive to make technology accessible to all.

If you're seeking a UI/UX Designer who can seamlessly integrate into the fast-paced startup culture, innovate from the ground up, and champion accessibility in every design decision, I'm excited to bring my unique perspective and skills to your team.

Let's collaborate to create products that not only look good but also make a positive impact on the lives of users.

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