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Core Fundamentals

A strong core is the essence of a happy life: Physically you need it to move your body in a healthy way: It provides stability, whether you’re standing on your feet or on your hands. It is the most center point of the body where all your movement originates. A strong core could prevent and help cure back-pain and injuries. 
Mentally & energetically our core supports us in cultivating a strong & peaceful mind, thus influences the way we walk through life: Self-confident with a healthy ego.

In this workshop, Kat will guide you with practical tips and tools you can use to cultivate a strong core.  By strengthening your abdominal muscles you will be able to better support your back and to get deeper into your practice with more energy, clarity and ease.  

Past Workshops

Principles of Vinyasa Flow

Sun Salutation A (Sanskrit: Surya Namaskar) is the centerpiece of Vinyasa Yoga.  It consists of 12 exercises, which are repeated in a dynamic sequence, synchronizing them with your breath. 

In this workshop I am going to take time working on the techniques of the individual elements to guide you step by step through the sequence of postures.

I will show you individual variations of postures, such as: down levels, and up levels, so that you enter the postures safely from here on out. This hands on theory will be followed by a joy-full 90 minutes Vinyasa flow session.

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